How do I get CEUs?

You must be in attendance for the full 6 hours of educational content. When the 6 hours are complete, navigate to the CEU page. Locate the CEU evaluation forms that you need. Complete and submit the forms:

• Event Evaluation (mandatory for all CEUs and certificate of completion)

• CEU-Specific Evaluation (each discipline requires its own evaluation)

Some CEU certificates are on the page, all you need to do is download and fill them. For others, they will be delivered to you via email.

As professionals, we anticipate that you will follow the *Honor System” to complete the 6 hours in order to collect your CEU for attendance.

Where is the Main Presentation?

The Home page will hold the Main Presentation Stage, Agenda, and Vendor Resources. The Q & A chat box is to the right the Main Presentation Stage. You can submit questions at any point during the speakers’ sessions and Roger Courvile, our MC, will ask the questions during the last part of each speaker’s session as time allows.

Can I start and stop the program?

Yes, you can take this training at your own pace. If you exit the window, you will have to sign in again. This training will be available for one year.

How do I navigate the Vendor Hall?

In the Vendor Hall page, each link will open a new tab. Each vendor page includes resources, ways to connect with the organization, and information about their services. Navigate from one vendor page to the next by clicking on the “Next Vendor” button on the top right corner of each vendor page. You can also go back to the previous vendor by clicking on “Previous Vendor” on the top left corner. Go back to the main presentation by clicking on the Home/Main Presentation button on the top of each page.

What are the door prizes?

You are encouraged to enter the drawing for their door prize located on their page. Each vendor will announce their winner by contacting them directly after the live event is over.

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

We are holding a scavenger hunt throughout the vendor hall. Find and click on the DRAGONFLY in each vendor’s page. Fill out the short form and enter the drawing to win $300! Each dragonfly is an additional chance to win the prize. The more you find, the higher your chances are!


Lost? Don’t panic. Our team will be present on the day of the Symposium, ready to answer questions and help you navigate the virtual event. Please email us at or fill out the contact form located in the main menu and we will respond shortly.